About our PTA

We hope you will find this website to be a helpful resource concerning what the Castaic PTA does, the programs we champion, the events we sponsor, and how you can get involved in molding the educational experience of the students at CES.  The Castaic PTA has been supporting students, families and teachers of Castaic Elementary since 1926.

The California State PTA is a professional, non-profit volunteer organization committed to the well-being of all children.


We believe every adult has a responsibility to ensure that all children develop to their full potential.


We believe parents are children’s first teachers and that parent involvement is essential throughout a child's educational experience.


We believe that family is the basic unit of society responsible for the support and nurturing of all children, and we recognize that "the family" may be defined in many ways.


We believe our responsibility includes advocating for the safety and welfare of all children and the opportunity for a quality public education for each child.


Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to be seeing much more of you.

Why join the PTA?

The number one priority for parents is their children’s well-being. More than 30 years’ worth of research has proven that children do better when their parents are involved both at home and at school. Grades and test scores climb. Self-esteem grows. Schools improve.


There’s a simple way for you

to help your child succeed:

Join PTA.


PTA helps parents, students, school staff, and the community work together to share ideas about programs and activities that benefit children. Our PTA provides information and resources that strengthen the connections between children, parents, schools, and the community.


Becoming a member of the Castaic Elementary PTA is easy to do. You fill out a form, and submit your check of $8.50 per member, and you receive an official membership card, but what does it really mean?


Firstly, you become a member of the largest volunteer child advocacy group in the nation (nearly six million members nationwide, and approximately one million in the state of California) that has been in existence for over 100 years, and the sheer membership numbers allow the National PTA and California PTA to be a force in government lobbying for change that directly improves the lives of children, families and education.  Secondly, you have a voice in the form of voting rights on the local level, at Castaic Elementary PTA meetings, and an opportunity to be involved in decisions that directly affect our children and their education day to day. We all have ideas for change and improvement, but the Castaic Elementary PTA gives you an avenue to initiate change, effectively giving parents some control over the education and enrichment their children receive at school.  Feel free to find out more at www.capta.org.

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